We will create a marketing system for you to continuously attract new customers and bypass all competitors
Not just increase profit in your business,
we'll make you a market leader in your segment
A few facts about us
100+ web sites
created for
small and medium-sized companies
30+ million $
earned for different
average business growth
for the year
spent on in-house training and team development
How we work
  • We take only 1 player from a particular area
    and bring it to the maximum result.
  • In a month we take no more than 1 new project.
    Among dozens of applications we refuse more than 90%.
  • We agree to cooperate only if we understand
    100% that we can deliver results
Our goal is to ensure your business
maximum growth and the highest efficiency,
through attention to detail
The main principles of our approach
Doing things differently to get super results
Hacking techniques
Only effective
Leading more than 30 projects
a well-thought-out concept + cool design + growth technology,
and all competitors are left far behind
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Our clients

Leo & Loona
Children's amusement
park in Dubai

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The largest agency
children's parties in Russia
and 17 countries
by Vlada Chizhevskaya


Jewelry shop in New York
activity parks
by Ksenia Borodina
Burlesque & Virgins
The most visited
men's clubs in Russia
By Artem Ovechkin
Youth clothing brand
by rapper Guf
Smoke Lounge
Hookah restaurants in Moscow
A New Year's Miracle
Christmas greeting service
Advanced marketing course for CMO's
Our results
We know what you need to do to become #1 in your niche
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The largest agency children's parties in Russia
and 17 countries by Vlada Chizhevskaya

More than 3.5 thousand premium level events per year

17 countries of the world, where customers order holidays from

Over 52 sites and mechanics in the works!!!

We have tested all sorts of hypotheses for narrow segments,

different products and services, for different cross-sections of audiences.

The marketing department has grown 9 times in 3 years.

Burlesque and Virgins
The most visited men's clubs in Moscow by Artem Ovechkin
More than 7,500 people pass through the clubs every month!

40% of guests return again and again
Over 60 landing pages! Every week a new hypothesis was tested to increase key business indicators.
Each club's marketing is tailored to its target audience.
Family activity parks by Ksenia Borodina

More than 70,000 families visit the parks each year

A new park opens every six months!
Created the most up-to-date website among competitors.
Segmented audiences and creatives to narrowly test all lines of business.
Smoke Lounge
Hookah restaurants in Moscow

More than 80 restaurants serve hookahs in Moscow

>25% of guests became regulars
(corresponding increase in LTV)
More than 10 promotions and special offers were tested every month.
Increased conversion rates at different stages by more than 2 times.
Would you like to get similar results?
Let's discuss the project and determine what can be done,
to get fast growth
Let's create a complete marketing system,
to continuously increase the flow of customers
Create a system
Go Grow!
Message from the founder of the agency
I initially chose a "boutique" approach to give each client the maximum effect.
Every business is unique, and providing mass, one-size-fits-all services is a direct way to lose quality.
Colleagues in the market try to close every request for sale, but I prefer to choose the best projects, with which it is pleasant to work long-term, participating in the growth and scaling

Stanislav Korobov

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